LG15 Saga; What’s the Scoop?

Who is Lonleygirl15 and why is she so popular in the eyes of the media? Here we take a look at a new mode of entertainment; internet television shows.

The predominance of internet television has skyrocketed in the past few years. One of the most popular sagas is that of Lonleygirl15 or LG15. She started out as just a young girl video blogging on Youtube, telling her audience about her life as a 16-year-old home schooled girl living in Boresville, USA.

Her first video blog, or vlog, dropped some popular names from Youtube, which caught the attention of many viewers. She then started talking about more popular Youtube stars in the next two vlogs, which attracted even more viewers. Eventually Lonelygirl15 attracted thousands upon thousands of viewers within the Youtube community.

After roughly three months on the air, Youtube users began to question whether Lonleygirl15, or Bree, was a real person or not, due to the web she was slowly building with other users and the director-esque vibe of her videos. It was then leaked that Lonleygirl15, in fact, was being played by an actress named Jessica Rose and that the entire experience had been a hoax.

After this leak the Lonleygirl15 fan base was very upset. They had believed that they were following the on-goings of a real girl and were then made into fools by the very girl they had come to like so much.

When the steam had ceased to perpetuate out of their ears, the LG15 fans saw past the fact that they had been dooped and realized that they were now part of something revolutionary; an interactive educational internet television show. Since then, the show has continued to involve the fans and proceed with the story line where the fans help figure out clues relating to science, history and detective work.

As one of the first of its kind, LG15 exploded. It has now expanded from Youtube and moved onto a website dedicated specifically to LG15, lg15.com. Here, the fans can discuss videos, decode messages and learn all about the phenomenon from the beginning. There are also links to things such as the LGpedia which is a place on the website that tells the new fans all about the story, from the beginning and explains clues that have been discovered, in depth.

The LG15 show has just finished its two-hundredth video and the fan base continues to grow. Within the website there are links to the characters’ and actor’s Myspace’s and Youtube accounts as well as profiles of each person appearing on the show. As the saga continues, fans bite their nails in suspense and root on the characters in their journey to save Bree from her mysterious religion while forming love triangles discovering

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