Get Him to Take Care of His Image

Got a Dirty Man? Here’s a Few Steps to Make Him Clean Up
Men have always been simple creatures. They wake up and walk out the door. Here’s how to get them to take a few extra minutes on thier appearance, without feeling girly.

Have you ever looked at your man and wondered what made him think it was okay to go out in public looking like a lumberjack on his lunch break? Its common knowledge that men don’t like to spend a lot of time on their looks, they keep it short and sweet in the bathroom with a little shampoo, deodorant and cologne. But is there a way to get them to realize it’s not girly to take care of themselves? Here are a few steps you can take to get your man from scruffy to stud-ly.
Buy him presents

What man doesn’t like the sound of “honey, I got you something?” Stop by the drugstore on your way home and pick him up some moisturizer and a candy bar, he’ll be so mesmerized by the sight of food that he’ll be willing to put anything on his face. Explain to him the benefits of a two in one moisturizer and SPF and he’ll eat it right up, just like the chocolate.

Men are known for being low-maintenance and simple types of creatures, so don’t bombard him with a shine powder, black head strips and a face scrub all at once. Introduce new products slowly and he’ll begin to use them everyday. Of course, you’ll probably have to remind him once a week or so that he’s starting get some yucky black heads.
Treat him to one of your favorites

A lot of men are just dying for some beauty guidelines, says Sharon Hopkins of, but are just too afraid to look less masculine in front of their friends. If you take your man to a secluded spa far away from anyone he knows, and treat him to a facial and a manicure, he’ll surely thank you. You have to promise not to let anyone know; don’t even gossip about it with your friends because you don’t want to make him uncomfortable. The important part is that he get the treatment and feel better about himself, there’s no reason to flaunt it around to everyone. Also, he might not trust you much if you blab.

If they won’t let you drag them in public to receive a beauty treatment, get an at-home kit and do it for him yourself. It can turn into a bonding act, as well.
Cook him up some healthy grub

For most men, health food is a curse word. Eating healthy, for some reason, seems to be a girly trait. But healthy foods have more benefits than keeping a smaller waist-line.

According to an E-Zine article by Bill Healy, eating a fair amount of fruits, vegetables and grains will help your skin glow to its fullest potential, by maximizing the efficiency of your digestive track. When your man stops by the local fast food restaurant on his lunch break, all that grease will clog up his pores and make his skin dull.

So, when he comes home, cook him up a meal with some tasty greens and yummy fruits for dessert. He’ll think it’s delicious and you’ll know you’re helping him on his way to healthier, glowing skin that’ll make him stay looking like the young buck you brought home.

When it comes to plucking the unibrow, clearing skin of black heads and protecting yourself against the sun, men are usually clueless. So take these few steps and turn that lumberjack into a hunk.

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