Laguna Beach Season Three

Kristin Cavallari, ultimate Laguna Beach babe, MTV Reality World
The new season of ‘Laguna Beach’ is more dramatic than it has ever been, but its characters try too hard to fill producer-designed, predetermined roles.

There will never be another LC, so why even try to live out her legacy vicariously through Tessa? Marketed as the princess of goodness, Tessa lacks the manifest intelligence and unparalleled poise of LC. The producers’ attempt to pitch Tessa and Chase as the new Stephen and LC is a useless effort: it will simply never work.

Rocky may at first seem to be a worthy Laguna sidekick, but her character lacks the brainless appeal mastered by Lo of Season one and Alex H. of Season two. Kyndra has the meanness, but is missing the inspired flair of a genuine ice queen.

Cami, whose catty brilliance is the best reason to watch the new season, comes close to capturing the natural nastiness of Kristin.

So, why have the Season three characters (with the exception of Cami) proved unworthy of Laguna fame? The producers, in their futile striving for any resemblance of scripted drama, must be blamed.

Depending too much on parties for plot goading, the producers have blatantly been contriving otherwise unrealistic encounters between the rivaling cliques. If you hate the girls, then why would you invite them to your party?

The new season of ‘Laguna Beach’ is a puzzling mystery: where have all the insanely watchable beauties of seasons past gone? Season two’s reunion-ridden Christmas party opener foreshadowed a gripping season that intertwined the beloved season one veterans with season two newbies. Season three’s Jessica-Cameron-Kyndra triangle is simply not enough.

LC is slated to return in upcoming episodes for some Breanna coaching but it will likely not be enough to enliven the season.

Despite deficient main characters, the new season’s increased parental presence is indulgingly fresh. Jessica’s mirror-of-a-mom and Kyndra’s perpetually lurking mom are more stimulating than boring Tessa and whiny Raquel.

The new season occasionally has those candy-coated moments of delicious Laguna glossiness treasured by fans of previous seasons, including a meaty existentialist death musing between Jessica and Cameron, but the most ponderous question still remains unanswered: Where is Kristin?

About the author: Logan, a student at Princeton University, writes television and film reviews in addition to fiction. He is a reporter for where he writes a weekly recap of ‘Laguna Beach.’

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